I am naturally curious, good thing I am not a cat, we all know what happened to that poor thing. During my life I have always wondered and tinkered and figured things out and learned about things that interested me. I learned about commodities, and investments, and gardening and home improvements. I learned about facebook ads and online marketing, and building online businesses. If you look at my resume, you would be underwhelmed. I have a worthless photography degree, that is all. No real formal education in anything, yet curiosity lead me to develop a pretty nice set of useful entreprenurial skills.

I settled in a lot of ways. I didn’t go to the traditional four year college, because I was afraid of the debt I would incur and my attempts at scholarships fell through so I landed on a two year degree. I had to be curious because I had to figure things out. Two kids with huge eyes and empty bellies will do that to you.

I strayed away from my true gifts, and I played background roles for others in their businesses and I brought them amazing success. The yearning was always there and unburdening myself from destructive relationships and people cleared the chatter. I wanted to succeed on my own terms in my own way and celebrate my own natural gifts.

I am two weeks before the bright, white spotlight of working to build an empire for me turns on. I am a writer. I finally have given myself permission to be a writer and the real work begins building a following of people who want to read what I write.

I landed on erotica for the first series and the second I am working on is more in the women’s fiction arena with some erotic scenes. Why? Because the curiosity. I found the phenomenon of 50 Shades of Grey endlessly fascinating. The power dynamic between people and the community of practicers is interesting to me. I have interviewed people in the community at length and the characters I have created are inspired by them. The research I do in this space is completely fascinating. It is a dark rabbit hole that gives you so much insight into humanity.

SIDE NOTE: If you want to share your story, message me. I love learning about people and how they think. Why they do what they do. Send me an email: [email protected]

I think one of my best qualities is curiosity. It is a huge world out there filled with people who think differently than I do. Leaving space for all the characters in it gives my life color and meaning. It is what makes a typical day worth living instead of waking up and repeating the same one a million times and calling that a life.

Being naturally curious keeps me young, there is so much to experience and learn still in this life, I’m only half way there. In the back 40 I will continue to learn and push myself and tell the stories that I am compelled to tell.

Velvet Guild is technically erotica, yes, people will come for the sexy scenes, (OhMiGAWD, there is a terrible filthy joke in there somewhere), but my purpose in life is to make you stay by creating characters that you will fall in love with, and maybe some of my curiosity will rub off on you. The little interesting nuggets of weirdness and obscurity, I am weaving into my episodes so at the end of one, you will have maybe learned something. I love creating layered characters that are revealed a little at a time by the way they act and interact with each other.

Stay curious. It’s a lot more fun here. Follow me into the rabbit hole. You know you want to.

XOXO Ninya

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