Chasing the Dream

Chasing the Dream

When you set out to chase your dream, it starts dramatically with a ticker tape parade and choruses of “You got this!” All of your friends and family are so supportive.  The excitement is palpable.  But then you put that knapsack over your shoulder and you set out on...

Save the Alpha Male

Save the Alpha Male

Men are being watered down trying to accomodate societal pressure based on the behavior of a few bad ones. Collectively they are afraid to pursue women, to follow their own instincts, to go against their very DNA out of fear. This is sad. I love Alpha Males. Being in...

A Graphing Calculator Broke My Heart Today

A Graphing Calculator Broke My Heart Today

A graphing calculator broke my heart today. Or I should say the lack of a graphing calculator. Things have been tight financially since I was laid off last summer from the only job I’ve had for nearly 20 years, and back to school shopping was a trip to Wal-Mart for...

You: 2 Minute Book Reviews

You by Caroline Kepnes is a psychological thriller about a guy who gets a little too attached to a girl he randomly meets in his bookstore. Told in his voice, the story is an incredible read and takes you into the inner workings of an obsessive personality and his...

The Silent Wife: 2 Minute Book Reviews

Would you overlook a spouse that cheats? Would you be mad enough to kill him? The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison is a psychological thriller similar to Gone Girl that tells the perspective from the husband and a wife set in Chicago. He's a business owner with a...

The Self Doubt Monster

The Self Doubt Monster

There is a monster that lurks in your darkness. Waiting for you to feel the tiniest bit excited, confident, and sure of yourself and then he pounces, full force dragging you down to reality. This is the self doubt monster. In any creative endeavor there is this middle...


I have journaled for nearly 38 years. Off and on as a child and teenager, stopping mostly out of fear of having my innermost feelings and thoughts on display for a pesky brother to find and mock me for his own amusement. As an adult I have found it tremendously helpful.  Going through 3 years of back to back tramas it was the only thing that helped me sort it all out. As you journal the truth appears on the pages, whether you want it to or not. Your heart speaks through your fingers and whether you write it manually or type it out, the words seem to bypass your mind and the insight it can give you into yourself is mind blowing. You can journal yourself out of devastating events, and you can journal your way through sheer joy so you can recall it anytime you need that extra boost.

The truth always comes out. Now you can choose to follow that guidance or go the other way. I did the other way for a nice long time and I can say from experience that is a bad idea, but hey, you’re living your own life and I don’t want to judge you. God knows, my life has been riddled with bad decisions.

Journaling also clears the gunk, the mental junk that this life deposits in your mind. It calms the crazy and helps clear the pain. It gives you a clean slate to start the morning fresh.

Try it and see. It is a gift to give yourself 30 minutes to center and clear. It works wonders if you give it a chance.

It is also important that your best friend know where you store them or be given passwords. Because in the event of your death, you’ll want them destroyed. No one should be subjected to that level of crazy. Stacy, this means you. 


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