My mom loved to read. I vividly remember being four years old and sitting across from her in the living room on a terrible brown striped polyester sofa watching her read with a book in my hands. When she would turn a page, then I would turn a page. Mimicking her because I wanted to be like her. I literally couldn’t read a word.

The next book memory is around twelve years old, when I secretly stole one of her Harlequin Romance books from the shelf and proceeded to read it right under her nose while we were driving to a campground. The secret didn’t last long, because she found it and I got the lecture of a lifetime. I was a bit of a rebel. I still am.

“It’s a New York Times Bestseller.” That’s how my mom chose her books. That’s the big, hairy, audacious goal I have, (BHAG, google it, it’s a thing) to write something that makes the New York Times Bestseller List. Not because she would particularly enjoy my writing, I’m in the erotic fiction/erotic romance arena, but because she used that as the bar to measure the worth of a book.

Growing up in a family of seven, we spent a lot of time at the library. I loved all the stacks of books, and the warm gooey goodness of finding a book that looked interesting, and flopping down on a chair to start it. Books transported me so many places, it fed my imagination. I dined on fantasy and romance and even a little science fiction. Reading is still something I enjoy, though with the demands of being a single mother, I have a lot less time to do it.

I tried to write a few books along the way, that were regulated to the slush pile rather quickly. I never finished anything. Until today. Today I completed a project and it feels so good. I think my mom would be proud. She passed away several years ago. We had a falling out for several years before that, but the passage of time has erased all that ick and pain and what is left is the girl who sat across from her momma when she was four and turned the page when her momma did.

That is who I am.  And someday, I hope my mom knows in heaven, that I became a “New York Times Best Selling Author.”

XOXO Ninya

PS If you enjoy these ramblings, I’d like to invite you to sample my debut project. Velvet Guild. It’s a spicy one that I hope my dad never reads! (That’s gonna make his next visit awkward! 😉 ) Free Sample below!

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My Debut Project!

VELVET GUILD: A Serial Novel

I was as a single mom whose unemployment was running out fast. I was desperate for a way out

Velvet Guild is a serial novel broken into episodes. Each episode is approximately 12,000 words and can be read in an hour, like your favorite TV episode. It is sure to become your guilty pleasure.

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