Men are being watered down trying to accomodate societal pressure based on the behavior of a few bad ones. Collectively they are afraid to pursue women, to follow their own instincts, to go against their very DNA out of fear. This is sad.

I love Alpha Males. Being in the presence of pure testosterone is exhilarating. Why? Because it’s the contrast. It’s sexy because pure male energy is capable and strong and makes you feel taken care of. It’s centuries of pure survival evolution built into our hardwiring.

We are evolving men out of who they are. It is wrong. Seeing how many romance books are written with strong Alpha male characters, women yearn for that and we miss it.  Alpha male is an actual keyword and category in the kindle book store. We want men to be men and voicing this opinion is scary for us too, because of judgement from feminists. We are supposed to do everything ourselves and on our own and not need a man for anything, ever, or we are weak.

Being a man in society these days must be exhausting. Being a single man must be even worse. You can’t tell a woman she’s beautiful anymore or put a hand on a shoulder, without calculating the risk this puts you at for misinterpretation. I was talking with some friends the other day and they said a good, decent, political candidate (rare, I know, he is a unicorn) had to step down from his desire to join local government because in the 90’s at a party, he spent time grinding on co-eds at his frat house. This was consensual grinding, but it opened the door for potential scandal. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone (male or female) who willingly spent time grinding on someone on a Friday night in the 90’s after a few cocktails. I blame Dirty Dancing.

This is messed up. Pretty soon, we will have to label and quarantine our candidates from birth into seclusion where they have no physical contact with the opposite sex to ensure that there are no sexual skeletons in the closet.

I hate what is happening. Alpha males are becoming extinct. By the year 2200, the human species will have evolved to the point that there is only one sex. Woman will become more manly and men will become weaker and we will share this middle ground now. The contrast will be gone. You may think this is extreme and absurd, but seriously, it’s heading that way.

Save the Alpha Male. I’m going to see if I can add him to the endangered species list right now.

XOXO Ninya

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