November 2, 2019

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Call me Intrigued. Ninya left me wanting more.

I can’t wait to see what Aimee has up her handcuff next.         

Niki B.

The Velvet Guild. The things you wondered about, thought about but never did, or maybe things you actually do.

It’s here and it’s intriguing! We all have fantasies, wants and needs. This series goes there and I can’t wait to get to read


Laura D.

Wow! Truly amazing. Can’t wait to read more!            Julie L.

Damn girl! You are good!

Never once did it feel like I was reading words written by a beginner! I can’t wait to read more! Congratulations Ninya!         

Kathy F. 

Definitely fucking brilliant!       Tracy G.

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My Debut Project!

VELVET GUILD: A Serial Novel

I was as a single mom whose unemployment was running out fast. I was desperate for a way out

Velvet Guild is a serial novel broken into episodes. Each episode is approximately 12,000 words and can be read in an hour, like your favorite TV episode. It is sure to become your guilty pleasure.

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